Updating Your Bathroom on a Budget

Updating your bathroom is especially challenging when your budget is small. You can still give your bathroom an entirely new look and feel by replacing less expensive items in your bathroom, such as vanity lighting, wall sconces, a shower caddy, shower curtains and other accessories.

Adding new lighting options can update the look of your bathroom considerably. Consider adding vanity lighting in the form of a single lighting bar, or a pair of wall sconces, one on each side of the bathroom mirror. Wall decorative sconces add a touch of color to the wall and light in the room. You can also improve the basic organization of your shower and make the inside of the shower feel larger by adding shower caddies. Hang a shower plastic caddy from the shower head to add a space for hanging scrub brushes and setting shampoo bottles. If you have a removable shower head, consider adding a shower corner caddy instead. Shower curtains protect the floor outside the shower from water damage, as well as providing a large amount of color and design in your bathroom space. If your tub or shower area needs serious renovation, installing a new shower curtain can camouflage the area's flaws. For the best camouflaging results, look for a two-layered shower curtain.

Updating Your Bathroom on a BudgetThere are a number of basic updates which can be performed to spruce up your bathroom, even on a budget. Improving lighting, camouflaging damage and adding organizational features are all possible even with a small budget and limited do-it-yourself skills.


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