Stop Neglecting the Most Important Room in Your Home

Your bathroom is one of the most important spaces in your home, but too many people neglect it when they are decorating. Instead, they focus their energies on more visible spaces and fail to do anything interesting with their bathroom. While the bathroom is a private space, this does not mean that it should be an unpleasant space. Adding a few simple touches, such as attractive bath rugs or wall sconces, can turn a cluttered bathroom into a temple of serenity.

Attractive bath mats and rugs make your bathroom a more vibrant space, especially if the floor is uninspired linoleum or tile. They add a splash of color or an eye-catching design to the room. Wall and ceiling sconces help you increase the amount of light in your bathroom. This is particularly important in interior rooms, where natural light is often lacking. Adding more storage space keeps your counters clean of clutter. Encourage your family members actually to use this storage space, rather than leaving their personal items strewn about the bathroom.

Stop Neglecting the Most Important Room in Your Home

Do not overlook your bathroom when you are decorating your home. A more pleasant bathroom makes the whole house a more pleasant place to live. The time you spend in the bathroom each morning can set the tone for your whole day, and the right decor can really improve the aesthetics of your home.


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