Do Acrylic Tubs Turn Yellow?

Plastic tubs are easy to clean because of the smooth surface. Unlike tubs made of ceramic tiles, they do not have any grout where dirt and grime can get into. Despite the smoothness of the surface of acrylic tubs, plastic tubs are prone to yellowing over time and this can be aggravated with the use of chemical cleaners or poor maintenance.

White acrylic bathtub turned yellow

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It is recommended to clean the acrylic tub weekly to prevent stains and yellowing. Occasional application of stain removers and waxing several times per year can help whiten the plastic material so the yellowing process doesn’t become too obvious. Make sure you use a soft cloth when applying any whitener or waxing material so as not to damage the tub surface. Later we will write a guide on how to remove yellow stains from acrylic bathtubs.


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