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Bathroom-Transformer by Michal Mitek

Designed by Michal Mitek this futuristic bathroom has the functionality of a transformer. Or at least reminds it very much. The main idea was to maximize the use of limited space. With this transformer-like functionality, the goal seems to be achieved by 100%. Imagine the bathroom turning into a gym when the shower is not…
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More Options for Stylish Bath Decor

The bathroom can get dated quickly in any home; it can be challenging to update a bathroom because in most cases you need to live with the existing bathtub, sink and toilet but that does not mean there are no options. With so many modern bathroom and shower accessories sets on the market it can…
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Safe & Functional Bathrooms

The bathroom can be a dangerous place – experts note that many home accidents occur in the bathroom due in part to slippery surfaces and the combination of water and electricity. There are many ways to make a bathroom safer including the installation of bath hardware such as grab bars and safety rails along with…
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