5 Popular Bathroom Design Trends This Year

Watching HGTV taught me that if you want to increase the value of your home, upgrade your kitchen and baths. So if you're planning to remodel your bath, here are some useful ideas to consider.

There are some very interesting trends in 2018, so if you are currently looking at bathroom suites, it would be worth keeping a few of these in mind when you make your choice. Of course, decorating bathrooms and choosing which suite and furniture to have will always be a matter of personal taste. Bathroom designs for 2018, however, can still inspire you and even ideas you’d never thought of…

1. Natural materials

Currently, the use of natural materials in bathrooms is really popular. For example, a natural wood mirror frame could be a great addition to your room, as could a natural wood door on a bath cabinet. Accents of natural wood against a stunning white bathroom suite not only look great in 2018 but will also date well, making it a good long-term bathroom solution.

Natural materials

2. Contemporary baths

There are also some great contemporary baths around at the moment. For instance, there are now even glass tubs available if you want to achieve a futuristic, minimalist design. If you want to splash out on your bathroom, a marble bathtub could also be a great choice.

Contemporary baths

3. Modern colours

In terms of colors, most bathroom suites for 2018 are white. This is a great color for bathrooms as it provides a good base for you to work from. When you’re decorating your bathroom walls, popular colors for 2018 include cream, silver, ivory, and gold. Light purple is also a nice choice or, if you want something bolder for your walls that will make your bathroom design pop, cool blue, orange, and red are all good options.

Modern colours

4. Space saving trends

As many people have small bathrooms, it’s nice to see some great space-saving trends in the design. For instance, bathroom furniture is more practical than ever and there are lots of wall-mounted cabinets and cupboards available. These are great for freeing up floor space while still providing you with practical storage solutions that give you somewhere to store things such as toiletries and towels. Cupboards with multiple shelves or drawers can be especially useful if you are trying to make the most of a small space.

Space saving trends

5. Minimalism and ethnic design

The minimalist trend is still as hot as ever. This is good news as a minimal bathroom design means you’ll have more space left over, which can help make small rooms look bigger. Chrome accessories against a white bathroom suit are a nice choice, and there is also a current trend for ethnic design. Light colors and Japanese-style murals are popular and they complement the minimalist trend perfectly, so this is something worth considering.

Minimalism and ethnic design

Thanks, Adam from bathrooms.com for these very modern bath ideas!


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  1. I love those simple bathrooms. They feel so peaceful. As long as there's a closet with a drawer somewhere for my stuff. I'm tired of eye shadow falling out of the medicine cabinet and making a mess in the sink.


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