Bath & Powder Room Décor

It used to be that the bathroom was decorated in a muted pink or blue pastel; the general look and feel was something akin to a hospital with only the most subtle hints of color and virtually no décor. Today the trend is to make the bathroom as spa-like as possible, complete with a shower bench or seat, teak floor mats, white terry cloth robes, scented candles, bamboo shelves, heated towel warmers and more. Tastes and styles change but one thing is certain – the bathroom is the most heavily trafficked room in a home; the condition and décor of kitchens and bathrooms are generally the difference between a home that sells quickly versus one that languishes on the market.

Powder Room Décor

Whether you plan on selling your home or staying forever, you owe it to yourself to outfit the bathroom as safely and attractively as possible. After all, it can be your own private oasis where you bathe, soak, free yourself of your cares and woes and escape the outside world.

It need not cost a lot to enjoy spa-like amenities in your own bathroom; something as simple as a handheld shower head can make a big difference in the quality of your bath or shower. Handheld shower heads can be installed without the help of a plumber using ordinary household tools. Use them to shampoo hair, bathe children, wash pets, even water plants or clean the shower or tub enclosure. Handheld shower heads are great when you want to direct the water spray to a specific body part or if you need to bathe while seated. There are even handheld showerheads designed specifically for use by children.


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