8 Bathroom Remodeling Do’s and Don’ts

Remodeling your bathroom can lead to many benefits, two of those being comfort and even an increase in your real estate value. With that being said, it is impossible to complete the renovation perfectly. And so, here are some beneficial and general do’s and don’ts for your bathroom renovation.

8 Bathroom Remodeling Do’s and Don’ts

Do: Make a Plan

Making a plan is the first and most important part of the remodeling process. Making a plan is more than just picking out decorations and figuring out a layout. You have to consider pricing and budgeting, plumbing and pipe locations, and much more.

You should get estimates from different companies if you are redoing your flooring, cabinets, or utilities. It has been studied that people who research less, tend to face more issues. According to Consumer Reports, 25% of 2,000 people said they wish that they had researched more before committing to their choices.

Do: Budget

An essential part of making the plan is making a budget, and then sticking to it. Set a general budget, and then set separate budgets for different categories. This is where you must get estimates from different contractors. Contractors can work and design within your budget, you just have to make sure it is accurate and specific.

Do: Ventilate

Ventilation is an important, though commonly skimmed over, factor of the remodel. Think of how awful it would be for you to put all this work in – new furniture, new decorations, etc. – just to have a result of mold, mildew, and ruined surfaces. So, how can you avoid this epic problem? Get a bathroom fan! It keeps the air moving and the moisture properly destabilized around the room.

Do: Choose good lighting

If you are like most people, you require good lighting for a variety of things. For one, it makes the space look way better. In addition, good lighting can be a make-or-break part of your or the lady in your life’s makeup routine.

The medicine cabinet is a nice place to have your lights surrounding, and frosted and/or obscure glass reduces glare. Good ceiling lighting, sconce lights, and a wall-mounted shade light will greatly increase the vibes of your bathroom.

Don't: Forget safety

If you have ever showered before – and I am hoping you have – you know that the floor tends to get wet outside the shower. There have been a surprising (yet not surprising at all) amount of accidents. You have to strongly contemplate buying rubber mats if you do not already have slip-resistant finished floors.

Along with covering slippery surfaces, consider the countertops. If you have ever run into a table or a desk before with your hip, you know how badly it hurts. So when the time comes, think about getting rounded countertop edges instead of sharp corners.

Don't: Overcrowd

No two bathrooms are built the same. Some are big, some are small, some are square and some are rectangular. Now that I have sounded like Dr. Seuss, let me get to the point. You need to plan your layout.

Imagine walking into the bathroom and struggling to open the door because of a trash can. Or you tried to put so much in your room based on the most recent trends and you can barely walk to the shower anymore. No one wants that. So, you need to prioritize your wants and needs, and then you need to limit yourself.

Don't: Scrimp on details

This goes along with budgeting in a way. You need to plan for mistakes and extra details you may have forgotten when making the original plans. You may be tearing out your cabinets or flooring and discover something you were not expecting, and I am sure you would regret not budgeting for it.

Although cheaper may seem better, take into consideration the usage. You open your drawers and cabinets all the time, wearing on the hinges and the pulls. So, you should think about that when you go to buy your details.

Don't: Rush

Although you may want to have the perfect bathroom overnight, you mustn't rush. Do not hastily decide on things and do not hastily put together your new IKEA cabinets. Doing so will only result in mistakes.

According to Consumer Reports, rushing your plans is the most prominent reason for overspending. On average, it could take several weeks or up to several months to properly upgrade your bathroom.


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