A Few Tips for Functional Bath Décor

First and foremost a bathroom needs to be safe and functional with bathroom vanities and medicine cabinets that can be locked to keep children and pets away from potentially hazardous materials. Drains should clear quickly and faucets should not drip or leak as it not only drives up utility bills, leaky pipes and unchecked water can wreak havoc in any home. The shower curtain hooks and rods should not be corroded – if it is difficult to slide the shower curtain and liner back and forth you risk tearing it by constantly tugging and pulling it.

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Make your bathroom safer

Where possible, do everything you can to limit the potential for slips and falls – bath mats and rugs should feature anti-skid backing; the bathtub or shower floors should have safety treads or strips. The installation of grab bars in the tub and shower enclosure and around the commode is a good idea which will be appreciated by family members of all ages. A self-closing toilet seat lid is both a convenience and a way to make sure kids and pets do not have access to open water; a lighted toilet seat lid makes late night bathroom visits safer.

Useful additions

Perhaps one of the handiest additions to any bath or shower is a handheld showerhead; most can be installed without the assistance of a plumber. Use it to shampoo hair, bathe children, wash pets and water plants plus they make it much easier to clean the tub or shower enclosure because you can target the water spray precisely where you want it. Add a shower bench or seat and shampoo hair or bathe while seated using the handheld showerhead.


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