Unique Bathroom Makeover Solutions

Updating your bathroom does not have to be a gut job. You can replace a couple of key items to give your bathroom a whole new look. Installing new bathroom faucets is a relatively inexpensive way of adding punch to your decor. Replacing stained or chipped sinks, while a little more expensive, is a great investment. Choose from wall mount, pedestal, under counter or vessel sinks for a truly stylish look.

Unique Bathroom Makeover Solutions

When replacing faucets, you have a few key decisions to make, including your preferred type of finish. Bathroom double handle faucets provide a charming retro feel to your room; just make sure your countertop can accommodate them. Bathroom brushed nickel faucets are very attractive and stylish, giving your room an understated elegance. Remember that faucets are no longer just a utilitarian addition to your room - they are a fashionable accessory. You may need to update other accessories such as towel bars and toilet tissue holders to match the finish of your new faucets.

You have many options when choosing a new sink. One of the trendier types is the vessel model. These sinks truly give your bathroom a spa feel and come in round, square, rectangular, oblong and irregular shapes. Choose from vessel copper sinks or those in white, clear, colored or multicolored materials. With the huge variety available, you can really make your bathroom unique.

Replace your faucets and your sink to give new life to your bathroom. These touches add both beauty and value to your home.


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