Cozy Touches for a Redecorated Bathroom

Spending time in the bathroom is a necessary part of life, but it can also be productive and enjoyable, meeting more than just the obvious personal hygiene and health needs. Adding even a few nifty bathroom accessories can enhance the room's appeal and give you a cozy feel. A shower radio can provide you with the daily news, up-to-date weather reports and entertain you with music and commentaries. Replacing vanity sinks with freestanding vessel sinks can allow additional bathroom space for leg room or a magazine rack. It can also give you more room in the sink for hand washing, along with enjoying the elegant look of a non-standard bathroom fixture.

Cozy Touches for a Redecorated Bathroom

When redecorating your bathroom with cozy items such as a radio, it is important to make sure that your selection is a waterproof shower radio. Moisture and electronics do not mix well, and you could incur an injury from the electrical contact. In addition, an ordinary radio would soon malfunction, shorting out from water making contact with wires and connectors. Specially designed components coated with protective materials are available in a shower AM/FM radio. These products are easily found in many hardware or department stores. While you are shopping, you should also consider vessel porcelain sinks for your lavatory replacement to add eye-catching attention for your guests and future home buyers.

With the new cozy touches in your redecorated bathroom, it may also be time to update wallpaper or add a fresh coat of complementary wall paint. Be sure to maximize your efforts for the best effect.


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