Preparing Freshmen for Their First Year on Campus

Freshman year of college is one of the most important times in a child's life, and it is vital that you acquire all of the essentials they need for them to feel as comfortable as possible during this time. College dorms are typically geared for utility and efficiency, so there are typically space issues. Therefore, it is important for you to purchase the right items to maximize functionality for your child, such as vessel sinks.

College dorms

Depending on the gender of your child, there are many college decorating ideas for dorms to consider. A sports theme that centers on your child's favorite sports team and a pink theme for a girl are two considerations. Residential dorms in college are generally small and require teens to share a room for the first year or two on campus, so take this into account when purchasing your items. Discount vessel bathroom sinks are a practical, aesthetically-pleasing and cost-conscious item to consider. You can purchase these sinks in a variety of different styles and designs, in any size that your child requires. These sinks are more durable than the communal sink in the bathroom, and can be washed frequently to preserve the hygiene and well-being of your child.

Two of the most essential factors to consider when moving your child into their freshman dorm are cleanliness and style. A style that fits your child's personality can reflect well and help attract friends, which may facilitate the transition process. Additionally, the right vessel sink is a practical alternative that can reap many benefits for your future college star.


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