Practical Ideas: Useful Additions to Any Bathroom

First and foremost, the bathroom must be safe and functional. Bath rugs and mats should feature anti-skid backing to help avoid any potential slips and falls; towel bars should be securely affixed to the wall and grab bars should be installed in and around the tub and commode for added safety. Bathing can be hazardous – a shower bench or chair lets you sit while shampooing hair or showering; this can be helpful when you are fatigued or if you have balance or stability issues.

Useful Additions to Any Bathroom

One of the most useful additions to any bathroom is a hand held showerhead and it is not that difficult to install; most are easy to mount without having to call in a plumber. A handheld showerhead makes it easy to shower or shampoo hair while seated and it allows you to direct the water spray precisely where you want it. Soothe aching muscles with a water massage, bathe children, wash pets or even water plants; with a handheld showerhead it is much easier to clean the tub or shower enclosure too.

Another very practical bath décor solution is a hookless shower curtain – most have the liner already attached and they are easy to install in minutes. Since experts recommend replacing your shower curtain and liner on a regular basis you can skip the hassle of fussing with shower curtain hooks or rings when you make the change to a hookless shower curtain. Often a hookless shower curtain will slide more easily as there is no chance for the hooks to get hung up plus they offer a cleaner and more contemporary look.


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