Dorm & Apartment Decor

Outfitting a dorm room and decorating a first apartment are both similar in so many ways – the space is usually limited, the budget a bit tight and the timing a bit of a rush. There are many creative and fun ways to handle dorm and apartment décor and achieve a result that is both functional and fantastic. One key is versatility – look for items which serve more than one purpose, be it something as simple as a reversible quilt or comforter or as complex as a fabulous futon which acts as seating by day and bedding by night. The trick is to think things through before making any rash decisions and the best way to begin is with a list.

Dorm & Apartment Décor

Most of the major bath and bedding stores feature college checklists – these are equally useful for when you are setting up an apartment for the first time, especially if the space is limited. Since space is at a premium in most college dorms you can pick up a lot of good ideas and space-saving solutions like bed risers, over door racks and hangers, storage ottomans and so on.

Textiles are a great way to liven up any space because they are easy to use and install in minutes. Transform a mundane bedroom with a colorful comforter, update a boring living area with floor pillows or a colorful throw or add vibrancy to a mundane bathroom with a shower curtain in a bright color or interesting print. Bathroom furnishings can also help to personalize an institutional looking bath or shower – a teak chair or wicker hamper can add both function and style to an otherwise ordinary room.


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