Practical Bath Décor: Prioritizing Safety & Functionality

While you certainly want your bathroom to be attractive, a safe and functional bathroom is the top priority. The towel racks and bars need to be properly attached to the walls, faucets should not drip and drains should clear effortlessly. The shower should be easy to use – whether you have a curved or straight shower rod, the curtain and liner should slide easily and prevent water from hitting the floor; if water does splash out there are corner guards which can rectify the problem.

Because bathrooms involve water, humidity is an issue and mold and mildew can be a problem. It is important to select textiles with mildew resistant properties and to look for rugs and mats with anti-skid backing because moisture can also lead to slips and falls. The installation of grab bars in the tub or shower enclosure and around the commode is an excellent idea, particularly if seniors use the bathroom or you have illness or stability issues. A shower bench or bath seat is another good idea because it allows you to bathe while seated.

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The installation of a handheld showerhead can add value on many levels. It makes it easy to bathe while seated and is quite useful when you need to shampoo hair, bathe children, wash pets or water plants. A handheld showerhead makes it easy to clean the tub or shower enclosure; most can be installed without calling a plumber or handyman. Enjoy a relaxing water massage and soothe aching joints by using the handheld showerhead to direct the water spray precisely where you want it.


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