Tips and Tricks for Making Your Bathroom Look Larger

Even if you have a very small bathroom, you can use creative tricks to make it appear larger and more relaxing. Simply adding a curved shower rod instead of a straight one results in the illusion of more space. Your eyes naturally follow the curve of the rod when you look at it, and a curved rod has the added benefit of helping to keep water off of the floor. Your choice of lighting also makes a difference, since a dark room with little lighting usually seems smaller than a room equipped with a skylight, recessed lighting or brightly illuminated sconces. Other tips include selecting soothing color schemes, picking the right type of door and removing clutter, such as hair dryers and toothbrushes, from your counters.

Tips and Tricks for Making Your Bathroom Look Larger

Aside from keeping your bathroom neat, a curved shower curtain rod serves another purpose. When you use a curved double shower rod, the additional bar provides a place to hang your towel, thereby cutting down on your need for shelves that take up valuable space. If you still need some shelves, choose a limited number, and pick recessed units. Wall sconces are also handy because they provide extra light. However, like shelves, they chew up space and make your bathroom seem cramped. Work around this issue by installing recessed fixtures. Avoid decorating in vivid, eye-catching colors, such as crimson or bright blue. Instead, select gentle, soothing shades, which include yellow and lilac. Stick to a single color scheme, and pick a sliding door instead of a swinging door.

Enjoy the spacious appearance of your bathroom when you apply these handy tips, which include installing two or three mirrors instead of only one.


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