Modern Bath Décor: The Choice between Fashion and Function

Bathrooms have changed over the years – the focus used to be on function but now fashion is just as important – a stylish bathroom is standard issue in most modern homes. Light fixtures and wall sconces tend to be more fashionable, wall and window treatments more stylish and so on – the list of amenities is endless and it is not uncommon to find some bathrooms outfitted with a coffee station complete with an on demand coffee maker; elaborate shower and bath shelves laden with all sorts of aromatherapy candles and fluffy terry towels are standard issue.

If your bathroom is a bit mundane it might be time to spend an afternoon refreshing and updating this important and highly trafficked room – all it requires is some savvy shopping and a little imagination. Take a look online at the websites of the major bed and bath stores to get an idea of what designs and what amenities appeal to you. It’s easy to browse online any time of the day or night and so much more efficient than spending your valuable free time driving from store to store.

Choice between Fashion and Function

Some classic amenities include naturally water resistant teak shower benches and bath mats, bamboo towel ladders, heated towel warmers and handheld shower heads. Another popular update is a hookless shower curtain – typically they combine both the shower curtain and the liner and present a more contemporary and modern look.

Wall mounted shampoo, soap and lotion dispensers are another modern update; toothpaste dispensers help to reduce waste and keep the vanity clean.


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