Simple Fixes for Bathroom Eyesores

Without routine cleaning and maintenance, any bathroom can turn into an embarrassing mess. Your shower shelves overflow with bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash. The tiles and grout gradually become discolored from mold, mildew and nasty residues. The mirror and sink fixtures become speckled from toothpaste. The toilet seems to get filthy in no time at all. The vanity lights and sconces get dusty or sprout cobwebs. Even the soap dish turns into a disgusting mess under a layer of soapy slime.

Simple Fixes for Bathroom Eyesores

Set aside at least an hour each week to clean the bathrooms. Many of today's bathroom cleaning products are safer for both people and the environment, and you can further reduce your waste by using reusable cleaning cloths instead of paper towels. Microfiber cleaning cloths, including cheaper cloths made for cleaning cars, are ideal for everything from scouring the bathtub to dusting your modern wall sconces. Clear everything off of your counters, shower caddies and shelves, and assess whether you need to keep all that clutter, or whether you can find more appropriate ways to store what you really do need on your shower organizing shelves or tucked away in the cabinets.

The simplest fix for your eyesore of a bathroom is to give it a good, thorough cleaning. The best way to keep it looking good is to keep up a regular cycle of cleaning and maintenance, keeping an eye out for what needs to be fixed, discarded or replaced. By giving your bathroom a touch-up every week, and committing to cleaning up on an ongoing basis, you can make sure it does not have a chance to turn back into an eyesore.


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