Adding a Second Bathroom to a House

Adding a second bathroom makes life more convenient, especially if you have a larger family or ever invite guests over to your house. A home with two or more bathrooms has greater value than a house with only one bathroom, so your resale value immediately jumps when you add one more bathroom. If you live in a two-story home, consider adding a bathroom to the floor that does not already have one. The extra shower shelves in this new room provide much-needed storage space, while another bathroom mirror always comes in handy for a quick spruce-up before you head out the door.

Adding a Second Bath to Your Home

When you add a second bathroom, decide whether to convert existing space in your home into this new room or create an extension. Converting the current space is cheaper, but it is not always a feasible option. Placing the new bathroom next to your laundry room or kitchen allows you to use some of your existing plumbing pipes, thus lowering your costs. Also consider the extras that you want your second bathroom to contain, such as shower storage shelves and a bathroom cabinet mirror. Some accessories, such as shower caddies and shelves, make maximum use of your space, which can be especially useful in a smaller bathroom.

Adding another bathroom is a lot of work, but the accompanying benefits of convenience and increased home value are often worth the trouble. Consult with a contractor, obtain the appropriate permits for performing this work and enjoy the advantages of this addition to your house.


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