Function Family Bath Décor

Most family bathrooms are a mess – bath toys strewn everywhere, too much stuff and not enough space – it’s an accident waiting to happen. A family bathroom needs to be safe and functional first – bath rugs and bath mats should feature anti-skid backing, grab bars should be securely attached to the walls, faucets should not leak and the toilet should not run. Ideally there will be a place for everything and everything will be in its place, which is why proper bathroom organization and storage is essential.

Function Family Décor

If your family bathroom is in need of attention it is a good idea to set aside some time to clear it out and give it a thorough cleaning. Draw the drapes, raise the blinds and even remove the window treatments for cleaning or replacement. Clean the light fixtures and take the time to replace any missing or burned out light bulbs with new ones at the highest wattage recommend on the light fixture. This is also a good time to switch to the energy efficient CFL light bulbs if you have not already done so.

Survey the room for storage opportunities – perhaps you can install a shelf over the bathroom door or above the commode; a freestanding shelf or storage unit is another possibility. Consolidate tub clutter with a storage tower – there are some with tension rod mounts which can be placed directly in the shower enclosure. Look for racks and shelves which can hang over the door as these can often maximize otherwise unused space. A wall mounted soap, shampoo and conditioner dispenser will help to reduce clutter.


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