Stylish Wall Sconces & Bath Storage Ideas

When you flip through the pages of a home décor magazine, watch the home makeover shows on television or even look at the homes for sale in your neighborhood, you may notice that home décor has evolved and bathrooms just keep getting bigger and better. Things like stylish wall sconces and handsome furniture are now standard issue in many bath and powder rooms; bathroom organization and storage is state of the art with all sorts of versatile solutions like hampers which double as seating, wall mounted liquid soap, shampoo and lotion dispensers and so on. If you have not shopped for bath accessories lately you are really missing out.

La June Starburst Mirror Wall Sconce

La June Starburst Mirror Wall Sconce, $119.99,

Shop online for all you need!

Take a look online at the websites of the major bed and bath stores – the ones you know and trust, because you know they will stand behind the goods they sell if there is any kind of a problem. It’s so easy to browse online for ideas and inspiration any time of the day or night. When you shop online you save time and money because there’s no need to burn gasoline and brave traffic when you can shop from the comfort and safety of home. The other great thing about shopping online is the almost endless selection – it is easy to compare features and benefits along with price so you can be sure to get the deal that’s best for you.

Modern bathroom upgrades

Some fast and easy modern bathroom upgrades include heated towel racks, handheld showerheads and teak bath furniture – the sorts of things you might find in a high end resort or upscale spa. Teak is an especially popular material for bathroom furniture and accessories because it is naturally water resistant.


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