Evolution of Modern Bath Décor

Modern home décor has evolved over time – bathrooms are larger and more lavishly appointed with things like multiple showerheads, spa tubs, towel warmers, wall mirrors and sconces and elaborate bath furniture. Some bathrooms even feature coffee stations with an on demand coffee maker or a toaster or microwave. The modest shower seat or chair of yore has been replaced with stylish teak or other exotic wood spa benches along with amenities such as teak bath mats and heated towel racks. It can be almost like furnishing a bedroom or den when you look at all that can be incorporated into a modern bathroom.

Portobello Metal Wall Sconces

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Enjoy a relaxing in the shower!

Whether your bathroom is large or small there are many ideas which can be applied to make the user experience more enjoyable; a handheld showerhead is one great example. Most handheld showerheads are designed to be installed without the assistance of a plumber and they make it easy to shampoo hair or clean the tub or shower enclosure. Use a handheld showerhead to bath children, wash pets or even water plants or enjoy a relaxing shower massage.

Drying the towels

A heated towel rack is one amenity that will pay dividends for years to come; it is delightful to step out of the bath or shower and wrap yourself in a hot fluffy towel. Heated towel racks are actually quite practical – use them to dry swimwear and fine washables, warm baby clothes or blankets, dry damp mittens and scarves or just to make sure towels dry quickly and completely. A heated towel rack can take the edge off a chilly bathroom and help to keep it just a bit more comfortable.


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