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Dress Up Any Bathroom without Spending a Fortune

In most cases, you can dress up even an outdated bathroom with a few basic purchases that are easy to add to the room. A shower curtain track, new shower curtains, bathroom rugs, updated lighting and other inexpensive items transform the appearance of your bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary without costing you a fortune. Read more

Small Bathroom Changes That Make a Big Difference

Give your bathroom a new, appealing look by making budget-friendly improvements and minor updates. There are many small, subtle changes that can give your bathroom new life and a fresh look. You can make a big difference in the décor of your bathroom without going through the hassles and expenses of a complete overhaul. Smaller...
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Powder Room Updates with a Big Impact

A visit to your home's powder room or guest bath should be a pleasant experience for visitors or overnight guests. From the wall sconces and bathroom rugs to the faucets and accessories, the details and décor should contribute to an inviting, convenient and well-lit atmosphere. Easily change or camouflage your powder room's existing flooring with pretty...
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Modern Décor: Transforming the Look of an Old Bathroom in Minutes

It can be frustrating to look at home décor magazines and watch home makeover television shows where the bathrooms are all fabulous –the ones with marble topped bath vanities and multiple shower heads, beautiful bath furniture and other lavish appointments. Sometimes it feels like you are stuck with a bathroom that’s mediocre and you can...
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