Design Roundup: 5 Light Blue Bathroom Ideas

Pale blue can make your bathroom look as a relaxing spa-like sanctuary if you decorate it gently, keeping in mind the balance between blue and other colors. Overall light blue is a natural shade for your bathroom. However, incorrectly selected accents or painted areas on the walls can turn it into a "hospital" with only the most subtle hints of color and virtually no décor. With your major changes in place, choose accessories in clean and calming colors to maintain that tranquil atmosphere. Below are a few inspiration ideas for mid and small-sized light blue bathrooms with free-standing bathtubs.

1. A bath from the portfolio of photographer Polly Eltes.

2. A bath in London from the portfolio of photographer Rachael Smith.

3. A bath in London with an aqua-painted tub.

4. A bath in London by architect Adam Richards.

5. A bath via Living Etc.


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