Decorative Bath Ideas

The bathroom needs to be as functional and safe as possible but there’s no rule that says a bathroom can’t be attractive too. There are all sorts of stylish modern bath and shower accessories that can transform the look of a mundane bathroom in minutes and they don’t necessarily cost a fortune. Something as simple as wicker or bamboo hampers can transform an ordinary bathroom into a spa-like oasis with just a little bit of savvy shopping and a sense of style.

Decorative Bath Ideas

To make your bathroom more like a spa you may wish to consider adding some teak bath furniture – perhaps a shower bench or a towel ladder or even a teak bath mat. Naturally water resistant teak is ideally suited for use in a bathroom; bamboo is another material that works well in a moist or humid environment.

Add a touch of luxury with a heated towel rack – there are free-standing and wall mount models along with counter top towel warmers so it’s easy to find one that will suit your needs. Not only will you enjoy the luxury of hot fluffy towels, you can use a heated towel rack to dry fine washables and swimwear, warm blankets or baby clothes; towels will dry more quickly on a heated towel bar too.

Another spa-like amenity is the handheld showerhead which allows you to shampoo hair or enjoy a targeted water massage because you can direct the water spray precisely where you want it. Most handheld showerheads can be installed without calling a plumber and they pay dividends as you use them to bathe children, wash pets and water plants.


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