Modern Bath Décor: Simple Additions on a Small Budget

There’s no need to suffer with a mundane or boring bathroom even if your budget leaves something to be desired – the simple addition of modern bath accessories or updated bathroom knobs and hardware can make a big difference without breaking the bank. After all, most folks have to live with the bathroom as it is because replacing the porcelain fixtures or changing the layout falls under the heading of major renovations – that is a huge undertaking.

Simple Additions

There is no need to tackle such a big project when little changes can make a big difference in the look and functionality of your bathroom. The addition of a handheld showerhead, for example, can add a spa-like element to the most ordinary of bathrooms. Handheld showerheads are easy to install and most don’t require calling a plumber because they are designed to be mounted with ordinary household tools. It’s so much easier to shampoo hair, bathe children and pets and enjoy a relaxing seated shower or shower massage with a handheld showerhead. They also make cleaning the tub or shower enclosure a breeze.

New textiles are an easy way to update a bathroom in minutes and experts suggest they be replaced on an annual basis. A new shower curtain in a bright color or vibrant print can attract the eye and transform the look of a room. When shopping for a new shower curtain it is important to replace the liner at the same time; look for curtains and liners made of mildew-resistant quick dry materials. New bath mats and rugs should feature anti-skid backing.


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