Will Acetone Damage Acrylic Tub?

Given the soft nature of acrylic, it is best to avoid any harsh chemicals when cleaning the bathtub. Abrasive products can also damage the surface of the acrylic, making it prone to scratches and cracking. It is best to use a combination of water and dishwashing liquid or water and vinegar to prevent mold from building up on the surface.

This is what will happen if you spill nail polish in an acrylic bathtub, then try using nail polish remover.

Acetone in acrylic tub

Image by reddit.com / shockedandapauld

Acetone (used in nail polish remover), in particular, is very harmful to acrylic tubs. It causes damage to the structural integrity of the material, and any damage caused by acetone and other similar chemicals cannot be reversed or repaired. Scratches caused by normal use are easy to fix with the help of sanding with very fine sandpaper and applying a filler before applying a liquid polish to smoothen the surface. If you’ve never done this before it’s best to practice on a scrap piece of acrylic before trying to repair your tub.

Normal Acrylic Tub

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