Top-8 Inexpensive DIY Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Play up what you have and change what glares at you in order to begin your bathroom DIY adventure. Frankly, a bathroom remodeling is limited only by your imagination and budget. However, here are a few ideas and considerations to keep in mind if you want easy home improvement projects that don’t have to cost a fortune.

Top-8 Inexpensive DIY Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Look for Quick Fixes That Create High Impact

Change up the look of your walls for immediate gratification. If your walls are painted, consider repainting them first. There’s something about fresh paint that instantly makes a room feel different. Don’t limit yourself to white, either. Most any color, lightened to a pale shade, will make a small bathroom look bigger. Or make an accent wall of a different color or material. Plan to spend about $25 a gallon for decent paint.

Focus on Your Floors

Vinyl or ceramic tile are generally reasonable in price and fairly easy to install. If you choose tile, consider placing more expensive accent tiles among the cheaper ones for a high-end look. Or, simply re-grout your tiles to clean up old tile floors. You could also choose to cover your existing floor with manufactured wood flooring.

Look at the Woodwork

If the trim in your bathroom is painted, strip it and apply a quality varnish or stain instead. If it’s already stained and finished, apply a different color of stain. The same concept works for the doors. There are a wide variety of door treatments to consider. Refinish the door, stripping paint and staining it instead, or painting it and possibly adding a border. You can even make a plain door into what looks like a panel door by adding trim in box-like shapes to the surface. In a bathroom, adding a full-size mirror to the inside of the door can make the room look bigger.

Bathroom Door Mirror

Bathroom Door Mirror,, $88.99

Change out the Lighting

Switching the location of your lighting – from a hanging light fixture to wall-mounted, for instance, requires someone who knows how to do electrical work. But simply installing a new light fixture in place of the old can change the room’s atmosphere. Another low-cost option is to install a dimmer switch in place of a conventional light switch.

Time for New Fixtures

Installing new faucets and handles in your sink, shower and tub is a simple change that accents the other remodeling touches. Don’t forget the little things, either: towel racks, toilet paper holders, grab bars, door knobs, cabinet pulls and other items may benefit from a face-lift.

Update Your Cabinets and Countertops

It’s easy to break the bank on new cabinets and counters, but you don’t have to. Instead, transform what you have with a new finish, or simply replace the doors. Other ideas for remodeling what you have include installing tile over the existing countertop, splurging for a chunk of marble (more affordable if you select a slightly flawed or more uncommon color), and polishing or refinishing the sink, tub or shower to give it a like-new shine.

The Little Touches Mean A Lot

Expand your remodel options by installing floating shelves or wicker boxes as wall storage and display. Turn an old ladder upside down and use it for a towel rack.

Floating Shelf

Floating Shelf,, $29.9

Toilets, Tubs and Showers can be Pricey

Replacing your toilet can easily cost $200 or more, and tubs and showers even more. As long as it’s functional, try to keep what you have. Disguise ugly fixtures with decorative accents and refinish what you can.

By taking your time and transforming your bathroom one item at a time, you’ll make it a low-stress journey and you’ll save much more. In the meantime, keep your eyes open for ideas. They are all around you!


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  1. I love the reminder of how changing little things, such as fixtures, can make a big difference in the bathroom. An easy way to update without spending too much time or money.

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    nice…worth a try


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