Tips for a Better Shave

Like most adults, you probably shave your body hair or facial hair regularly. You check yourself out in your bathroom mirror or shower mirror to ensure that your skin looks its best. The object of a shave is to get as close as possible for a long-lasting look, reducing nicks and cuts to maximize the comfort that you feel.

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One of the best times to shave your face or body is after your shower. At this point, the steam has opened up your pores and helps to raise your whiskers, improving the performance of your shave. Before you begin the shaving process, lather up with a quality gel or shave cream, which can improve the softness and reduce cuts. If you are shaving at night, invest in a bathroom vanity mirror or shower lighted mirror to shine light on the areas that need emphasizing. A shower anti-fog mirror is also optimal right after you clean your body so you do not have to wait for the steam to subside. After your shave is complete, apply aftershave lotion to minimize irritation on your skin and return moisture to your face and body.

It is imperative to look your best at all times, and a good shave helps to fine-tune your appearance. The perfect mirror at just the right height can help you ensure that you have shaved properly and that you look your best. Although the technique is important, the tools and environment where you shave carries just as much weight for a successful session.


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