Practical Family Bathroom Ideas

Family bathrooms can take a beating – wear and tear is not uncommon in the most frequently used room of most any home. Practical items like shower curtains and rings for kids that can hold up to constant use and some extra tugging and pulling are a good idea – seek out sturdy and well designed shower curtain rings or hooks which will slide easily to prolong the useful life of the shower curtain. A fogless shower or shaving mirror is a good idea and so is a handheld showerhead.

Practical Family Bathrooms

Most handheld showerheads are designed so they can be installed without the assistance of a plumber and they are invaluable when you need to shampoo hair or bathe small children. Use a handheld showerhead to wash pets, water plants and clean the tub or shower enclosure or enjoy a spa-like water massage. Add a shower bench or seat so you can enjoy bathing while seated; it also makes it easier to wash someone’s hair when they are seated and you stand over them while using the handheld showerhead.

Many bath toys can pose a safety hazard in a busy bathroom; keep them contained in a plastic laundry basket or bath toy corral. There are many suction cup bath toy hammocks along with wall mounted scoops that double as storage units – look for them online. A laundry hamper that doubles as seat is another good idea for a family bathroom; any item which can serve more than one purpose and take up less floor space is useful. Choose bath mats and rugs which feature anti-skid backing to help reduce the potential for slips and falls.


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