Practical Family Bath Décor

Outfitting the family bath can be a challenge – any bathroom sees a lot of wear and tear, especially the family or kids bathroom. Door and drawer knobs need to be sturdy, drains should clear quickly and faucets should not leak or drip. The kids shower liner and curtains should be durable and slide easily on the shower curtain rod. Bath mats and bath rugs should feature anti-skid backing to reduce the possibility of slips and falls.

Bath toys should have a home when not in use – one option is a plastic laundry basket which can be stored in the tub or shower enclosure. There are also suction cup wall mount bath toy hammocks along with cute plastic bath scoops which can be wall mounted to keep toys off the floor. Another good idea is to install wall mounted liquid soap, shampoo and conditioner dispensers which help to both eliminate bath and shower clutter and better control consumption.

Beige Shower Curtains

The vanity is another area where less is more – a wall mounted toothpaste dispenser helps to reduce waste and countertop clutter. Transfer liquid hand soap and lotion to attractive dispensers for a more coordinated look. Safety is of paramount concern in a family bathroom so all vanity and medicine cabinets should have childproof locks and wall receptacles should feature outlet covers to deter curious kids.

A handheld showerhead is a great addition to the family bath – use it to shampoo hair, bathe children, wash pets and even to clean the tub or shower enclosure. Most models can be easily installed without the help of a plumber.


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