Practical Bath Décor Tips: Replacing Worn and Dated Items

The bathroom in most homes sees a lot of use – it can get worn and dated over time. The good news is that there are many modern shower and bath kits designed to let you update a tired bathroom in no time at all. With the addition of a handheld showerhead and a shower or bath seat you can enjoy a more spa-like bathing experience; most handhelds showerheads can be installed by the average homeowner without the assistance of a plumber.

A handheld showerhead issues a targeted water spray which lets you aim the water precisely where you want it. This makes it easy to shampoo hair, bathe children, wash pets and even water plants plus it is useful for cleaning the tub or shower enclosure. If you have an injury or must keep a particular body part dry, a handheld showerhead is invaluable plus they are great for use by seniors.

Replacing Worn and Dated Items

Another handy item is a wall-mounted soap, shampoo and conditioner dispenser – this helps to reduce or eliminate bathtub and shower toiletry clutter which can pose a slip and fall hazard. A toothpaste dispenser is useful for controlling portions and helping to keep the vanity are clutter-free. Lotion and soap dispensers can also be use to limit product consumption and provide a neater and more coordinated bathroom appearance.

A heated towel rack is a practical addition to any bathroom, in part because wet and damp towels will dry much more quickly. Use a heated towel rack to dry fine washables and swimwear, warm blankets and baby clothes or wet mittens, scarves and winter gear.


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