Practical Bath Décor Ideas for Shared or Family Bathroom

The bathroom is perhaps the most heavily trafficked room in any home and it needs to be as functional as possible. You can really almost never have too many towel rings, robe hooks, towel bars or racks because clothing and towel storage is always an issue, especially in a shared or family bathroom. There’s usually not enough floor space either so a laundry or clothes hamper may not be something you can even accommodate in a small bathroom.

Shared or Family Bathroom

An excellent storage solution for almost any bathroom is a storage tower – there are many different versions but what you want to look for is the ones designed to offer additional shelf space in an underutilized corner or over the commode. Over the door towel racks are another way to create storage space without taking up floor space and there are even some unique cabinets designed to mount on the back of the bathroom door to utilize the 4 to 6 spare inches that would otherwise go to waste.

Bath toys can pose a clutter and safety problem in a family or kids bathroom; there are several clever bath toy caddies with suction cup mounts which can hang inside the tub or shower enclosure; another option is a shelf or rack system which hangs from the shower arm. A wall-mounted shampoo, soap and conditioner dispenser is a great way to cut down on bathtub clutter and better control product consumption.

Bathroom vanities can get crowded – keep the countertop clear with a liquid soap dispenser and banish the slippery and scummy soap dish; consider a toothpaste dispenser and lotion dispenser as well.


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