Practical Bath Décor: Fixing Small Issues and Avoiding Bigger Problems

First and foremost a bathroom should be safe and functional – the bathroom tub and faucets should work properly, drains should clear easily and the toilet should not run or hiss. These small matters can become big problems if they are not addressed promptly so be sure to think about how to fix a leaky bathroom faucet or drain blockages as quickly as possible. Clutter can pose a safety hazard as it is easy to slip and fall in a damp bathroom. Make sure you have plenty of towel hooks along with a laundry or clothes hamper to keep towels and clothing off the floor. Bath toys should be secured in a wall mounted hammock or tote; another alternative is to store them in a plastic laundry basket inside the bath tub or shower enclosure.

Fixing Small Issues and Avoiding Bigger Problems

Experts recommend replacing the shower curtain and liner on a regular basis to prevent the possibility of mold and mildew. Look for ones which feature anti-mildew or quick drying properties and select shower curtain hooks or rings which let the curtain and liner slide freely. It is a good idea to replace bathroom curtains at the same time or to clean them if they are still useful.

A new set of bath towels can do wonders in terms of updating a mundane bathroom. When buying towels you should allow one bath and one hand towel per person along with two washcloths as these tend to wear out faster. Some people prefer a bath sheet while others may prefer to uses two bath towels so it does come down to individual preference on the total number of bath towels per person. For a touch of elegance you may wish to consider monogrammed towels.


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