Practical Bath Décor: Commonly Overlooked Items

The bathroom is perhaps the most heavily trafficked room in any home; it needs to perform well 24 hours a day. Proper bathroom lighting is an important part of any bathroom and something which is often overlooked. Other commonly overlooked items include things like hand held shower heads, a bath or shower stool and a bath scale – these are the sorts of things which can make the difference between a mediocre bathroom and one that really works for your family and truly meets your needs.

Commonly Overlooked Items

Most bathrooms feature one overhead light and little else; more modern bathrooms may feature vanity lights or a medicine cabinet with lights on either side or on top. Some simple upgrades can make a big difference and sometimes it just takes some elbow grease and the right light bulbs. Inspect your lighting and take the time to clean the light fixtures; replace any burned out or missing light bulbs with new ones at the wattage recommended on the light fixture. This is also a good time to begin using the modern energy saving bulbs if you are not already doing so.

To facilitate good grooming and proper hygiene you may wish to consider the addition of a lighted magnifying mirror – they are available in both wall mount and countertop formats. Wall sconces area great way to bring more light into a bathroom without taking up any extra floor space; a clamp lamp is another good option if you can find a place to attach it to your medicine chest. Modern LED lighting has made it possible to shed a lot of light on any subject without a lot of bulky wires – look for under cabinet LED lights as another excellent bathroom illumination option.


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