Bathroom Safety Ideas & Tips for Older Adults

As people age, safety becomes of paramount importance. The bathroom can be one of the most dangerous rooms in the house with all of the hard surfaces and slippery puddles found therein. If you are getting older, or if you have older relatives about whom you are concerned, then it is important to make sure that the bathroom is a safe place. In order to increase safety in the bathroom, you can try installing a shower stool to reduce the chance of a dangerous fall in the shower, or if the towel bars are poorly placed, they can be moved to a more convenient location.

Bathroom Safety for Older Adults

A slippery shower floor can be a recipe for disaster at any age, and a fall is particularly dangerous for an older adult. By installing a shower adjustable stool, you can sit down while you are taking your shower. This reduces the chance that you might slip and fall and suffer an injury. If you install a shower and tub stool, you may want to lower your shower head so that it is easier to reach while you are in the shower. If your towel and washcloth bars are placed too high or too far away from the tub, you might slip while trying to reach your towel. Moving these to a location closer to the shower is another good safety measure as you age.

Reducing the risk of injury is crucial when dealing with older adults, and remodeling a bathroom is a good way of reducing this risk. A few simple changes and additions to a bathroom can make it a safer place no matter how old you are.


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