Modernize Your Bathroom with Shower Kits & New Bathroom Faucets

If you have looked at any home makeover programs or flipped through the pages of any home décor magazines then you know bathrooms are bigger and better than ever – handheld shower kits are standard issue along with heated towel racks and more. The good news is that you don’t need to win the lottery or embark on a major renovation in order to enjoy some spa-like amenities in your own home – all it takes is some savvy shopping and a little bit of elbow grease.

Shower Kits & New Bathroom Faucets

Naturally you will need to live with the existing tub, toilet, sink and overall floor plan but there is still a lot you can do to improve the situation. The best place to begin is by clearing out the room and getting rid of whatever you no longer use or needed. Unwanted toiletries can be donated as can old towels and bath mats; if the items are in good condition you can set them aside for a yard sale too. The key is to eliminate anything you don’t really need to keep in the bathroom since storage space is always limited.

After you have removed everything including the window treatments it is a good time to clean the room from top to bottom. Let's see what is the best way to clean your room. Be sure to clean the windows inside and out along with mirrors and light fixtures. Take the time to replace any missing or burned out bulbs with new ones at the highest wattage recommended for the fixture; switch over to energy efficient LED or CFL bulbs if you have not already done so. When possible it is best to clean during daylight hours so you can really see what you are doing.

If you relish the opportunity to step out of the shower and surround yourself in the luxury of a hot, fluffy towel then a towel warmer or heated towel rack is the way to go. There are many makes and models and several styles so you are certain to find one that works for you. Choose from a freestanding, countertop or wall mount towel warmer; invest in a set of good quality super absorbent cotton terry towels and consider having them monogrammed to add a touch of class.

Update your shower or tub enclosure with new bathroom faucets or a shower trim kit – most can be installed without the help of a plumber and will dramatically change the appearance of your bathroom. Maintain bath and shower fixtures on a daily basis by using a window and hard surface cleaner to make them sparkle.


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