Installing Simple Bathroom Hardware

Learning to install simple bathroom hardware is relatively easy and can save you a great deal of money. Setting up a new towel rack, for example, requires nothing more than a power drill, a stud finder and some screws. Installing bathroom shower kits yourself without the help of an experienced contractor is slightly more difficult, but can be accomplished by carefully following the instructions.

Installing Simple Bathroom Hardware

Before installing full shower or shower wall kits, be sure to turn off water to the entire house to prevent any water spillage or leaking. Carefully read through your shower kit's instructions and ensure that you are not missing any pieces. Install the floor piece first by lining up the floor piece hole and the drain hole. Avoid applying pressure to the floor until the adhesive you use for attachment is completely dry. To install the shower wall pieces, faucet and shower head, use a power drill and carefully follow your particular kit's instructions to the letter. Whether you are putting in a towel multi rack or a towel drying rack, the work required is minimal. To determine placement of the towel bar, measure 48 inches up from the floor; this is the standard height of towel bars. Use a stud finder to locate underlying wall studs in the area, and mark them with tape. To ensure that the bar is straight, hold it up to the wall with your level sitting on top of the bar and mark the placement. Hold the mounting hardware against the masking tape and screw it to the wall studs using a power drill. Finally, attach the towel bar to the mounting hardware using the screws that came in the package.

Installing basic bathroom hardware gives your home a new look and feel. By doing the work yourself, you can save on expensive contractor and handyman costs.


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