How to Install and Mud a Shower Pan

Below are the 5 reasons why you should believe Randy Davis when I say he can teach anyone how to install and mud a shower pan:


  1. He has worked in the ceramic tile industry for over 20 years and done just about every kind of tile job you can think of many times over. Here’s just a small sample of the companies I’ve worked with and helped…
  • University Of Southern Mississippi
  • Pier One Imports
  • Applebee’s Restaurant
  • Wards Restaurants
  • Burger King
  • Moore’s Funeral Home
  • Barnhills
  • The Pain Center
  • Subway
  • Wal Oil Gas Stations
  • Anderson’s Paint
  • B And S Appliances
  • Engle Construction
  • West Lake Manor Retirement Home
  • Forrest General Hospital
  • William Carey College
  • Seashore Retirement
  1. He is not just a “tile setter”. He’s also a certified teacher. Anyone can “show” someone how to this, but can they teach them?

How to Install and Mud a Shower Pan (Randy Davis)Well, look at Randy’s credentials. He spent five years of his life working for the State Rehabilitation Center of Mississippi where he taught troubled teens and disabled veterans how to master many lines of work.

Have you ever read a book or watched a how-to video and asked yourself, “Huh? What the heck did I just learn” as if someone filled your head with hot air? Well, you will not get that from Randy’s videos. He is very precise and he teaches it in a way that you can understand and pick up what I’m saying fairly quickly. He is trained to do so.

  1. Randy is a real person! He does not hide behind a P.O. Box. His home phone is listed at the end of his web page. So if Randy’s package is not everything he say and more you can call him and cuss him to the moon. And you can do it in front of his wife!


  1. While most people will only guarantee their product for 30 days, he will give you 8 weeks! It’s simple. If the package isn’t everything he claim it is, simply request a refund. No questions asked.


  1. No waiting for your mail to arrive! After your order you are sent directly to a private download page where you can download all Randy’s videos straight from your home computer. So you can literally be watching the videos within minutes of placing your order! Burn it to a DVD if you like or simply watch it on your monitor!


Never downloaded videos online? Don’t worry its easy. Randy will show you how in just a few simple steps that take about 3-5 minutes. It is literally as easy as clicking a few buttons. 🙂


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