Handicapped-Accessible Showers for Barrier-Free Bathrooms

Handicapped-accessible showers are a necessity for creating barrier-free bathrooms that can help prevent slips and falls and provide you with convenience, especially if you need to roll into bathroom showers in a wheel chair. Hand held shower heads make it possible for the control of the water to belong to you instead of leaving you at the mercy of the rate and pressure of the stream. You can move the shower head away from you when you want, and aim it only in the places that you decide for it to go. This modified bathroom accessory can give you a feeling of new-found freedom and independence and may even improve your skin health, giving you access to places on your body that were previously difficult to reach.

Handicapped-Accessible Showers for Barrier-Free Bathrooms

Hand held adjustable shower heads are even better. With a simple turn of a dial, you can increase or decrease the pulsing rate of the water. This is especially helpful if you have low water pressure but would like to enjoy a pulsing warm massage stream. Hand held chrome shower heads have precision dials, making it easy to fine-tune the stream and rate to your desired levels. You can even adjust the shower heads before you enter bathroom tub showers; your shower water can then be just the way you want when you get in.

With the help of handicapped-accessible showers, you no longer have to deal with standard tub or shower fixtures that are not suitable for your needs. Your barrier-free bathrooms are safer, more convenient and more enjoyable.


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