Great Accessories for Your Bathroom

The bathroom is perhaps the most heavily trafficked room in any home, especially during the morning rush hour. It should be as safe and functional as possible – medicine and vanity cabinets should open and close effortlessly, drains should clear in a flash and faucets should not leak. Assuming you have all of the basic operating systems under control, there are some great décor ideas like a shower or tub radio that can make any bathroom more enjoyable and improve the overall bathing experience.

Selecting Mirrors & Accessories

White Medicine Cabinet with Wicker Baskets

White Medicine Cabinet with Wicker Baskets, $139.99,

A fogless shower mirror lets you shave in the shower which can expedite the morning grooming process; wall mounted liquid soap, shampoo and conditioner dispensers can help to eliminate tub and shower clutter and better control portion use. Use a toothpaste dispenser to eliminate mess and waste and monitor portion control.

Selecting Shower Heads

LED Shower Head in Chrome

HealthSmart LumaTemp LED Shower Head in Chrome, $34.99,

Perhaps the most useful addition to any bathroom is a handheld showerhead; most can be installed without the assistance of a plumber. A handheld showerhead makes it easy to shampoo hair, bathe children, wash pets, water plants and clean the tub or shower enclosure. Add a shower bench or seat and enjoy a relaxing shower massage while seated or sit while you bathe and shampoo your hair. If you are dealing with an injury a handheld showerhead is invaluable because it lets you direct the water spray precisely where you need it.

Wrap yourself in a hot fluffy towel after every bath – the simple addition of a heated towel rack can dramatically improved every bath or shower experience.


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