Functional & Fashionable Bathrooms

First and foremost a bathroom needs to be functional with all systems operational and safe; the bath cabinets should be secure, the sink should not leak and the floors should not be slippery. The basics are important but it’s also nice to have a bathroom which is attractive and relaxing to use – one featuring such niceties as bath seats and pillows, a handheld shower head or perhaps a hotel-quality towel warmer. All of these amenities can be had for less than the cost of even one night in a fancy hotel or resort, so why not invest in your home and improve your bathroom – you deserve it.

Functional & Fashionable

In terms of basics, experts recommend that the shower curtain and liner be replaced on an annual basis – this helps to prevent mold and mildew and can also update the look of a drab or dated bathroom. Floor rugs and bath mats should feature anti-skid backing for safety reasons and the addition of grab bars is a good idea if you have the time and the capabilities.

It does not require the assistance of a trained professional to install a handheld shower head – most can be installed by the average homeowner using ordinary household tools. A handheld shower head can make a big difference in your bathing experience – it makes it easy to shampoo hair, bathe children, and wash pets and even water plants. From a functional standpoint a handheld showerhead is helpful for cleaning the tub and shower enclosure.

Another affordable amenity is a towel warmer or heated towel bar. There are counter top models along with freestanding floor units and wall mount versions.


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