Functional Bath Décor Ideas: Hush the Clutter

Outfitting a bathroom can be a challenge – you want it to be attractive but it also needs to be functional with plenty of bathroom mirrors, anti-skid bath mats and rugs and things like sturdy toilet seats and plenty of storage for toilet tissue. It can add up to a lot of clutter if you don’t have a plan and clutter makes it difficult to easily maintain a bathroom.

Take charge of your bathroom – begin with a thorough cleaning from top to bottom, preferably during daylight hours. Draw the drapes, raise the blinds and remove window treatments for cleaning or replacement because you need to be able to see what you are dealing with. Clean all of the light fixtures and replace any missing or burned out light bulbs with new ones at the proper wattage. This is a good time to switch over to the new energy saving light bulbs.

Hush the Clutter

Look over all of the drawer pulls and knobs along with wall mounted towel bars, robe hooks and so on to make sure they are securely fastened; tighten up loose hardware as you go or consider updating the hardware for a more stylish look and functional performance. Look over the sink, commode and bath or shower for any signs of leaks or slow drips – leaks can waste hundreds of dollars on an annual basis and should be repaired as soon as possible.

Clean the toilet thoroughly – this might be a good time to replace the toilet seat with a lighted toilet seat, a padded toilet seat or even a self-closing toilet seat – there are many interesting and useful options available online.


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