Family Bathrooms

Outfitting a family bathroom can be fun but it can also be a challenge – there’s usually too much stuff and not enough space in this very popular room. There are some clever and practical ideas to make the most out of the space you have including shower curtains with pockets for kids or adults to store toiletries, sponges, bath toys and the like; shower curtain and liner rings with hooks for hanging a robe or towel, etc. The key is to look for versatile solutions with items that can serve double or even triple duty.

Family BathroomsMany family bathrooms need a laundry basket or hamper to handle towels and the like – look for one which has a lid which can double as a seat because this can be used to sit on while supervising children bathing. A shower bench or seat is another good idea – it can be stored in the tub so it won’t take up any extra floor space and they are great when you need to wash someone’s hair because they can sit while you stand over them and apply shampoo. Perhaps the most practical addition to any family bathroom is a handheld shower head. It can be used to bathe children, shampoo hair, wash pets, water plants or clean the shower or tub enclosure.

A counter top towel warmer or heated towel rack may sound like a luxury but it is actually one of the most practical improvements you can make in a family bathroom. Use it to warm baby clothes, dry swimwear and fine washable, warm blankets, socks and mittens and to quickly dry damp towels. It’s also wonderful to be able to step out of a bath or shower and wrap yourself in a hot, fluffy towel.


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