Change the Look of Your Bathroom with These Simple Changes

Upgrading bathroom fixtures is a simple way to change the look of your bathroom and add elegance while increasing functionality. Adding vanity cabinets, towel racks, new lighting or storage are all great ways to modernize a bland bathroom. Upgrade your vanity area with bathroom brass, a lighted mirror or even a new sink. In many cases you might be able to get away with replacing only the sink. Fortunately, there are many sinks available in a variety of finishes that come with pre-drilled holes for faucets, making installation a cinch.

Change the Look of Your Bathroom With These Simple Changes

Try towel rotating racks for hanging wet bath towels or towel art deco racks to add a chic, modern look. Storage containers are also great additions to the bathroom, providing easy access to towels, toiletries and more. Bathroom accents in brass can add a classic look to your bathroom. Match brass faucets with brass racks or add brass light fixtures and brass lining around the mirror. Even brass accessories like soap dishes or wastebaskets can add dramatic flair. Another option is to change the look of your room with a new paint job; you can choose from a wide range of creative colors. However, if that seems too daunting, you can also consider adding a wallpaper border to the whole room or just around the vanity area.

Changing the look of your bathroom does not have to be costly or require home repair workers. A few easy and simple fixture replacements can bring a fresh new look to your bathroom without an exorbitant price tag.


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