Do Acrylic Bathtubs Stain?

Acrylic bathtubs have a lot of advantages over other bathtub materials including being lightweight and affordable. The light material does not cause undue stress on the bathroom floor and makes installation easy. Acrylic bathtubs also offer a cheap alternative that does not compromise quality and durability. These kinds of bathtubs are also versatile in terms of size, shape, and design, making them a popular option for different kinds of bathroom styles.

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Despite the numerous advantages of acrylic bathtubs, these bathtubs are not impervious to the normal wear and tear you would expect from the regular use of plastic. Acrylic is more resistant to the effects of physical use compared to other kinds of plastic but it has a shorter life span compared to other kinds of bathtub materials. Just like other kinds of plastic, acrylic bathtubs can stain, especially in homes with hard water.

  • These stains can cause discoloration of the tub surface, affecting the appearance of the bathroom as a whole.
  • Apart from staining, acrylic tubs are also prone to scratching and cracking.
  • Regular maintenance and proper use of the bathtub can prevent stains from forming and can prolong the life of the acrylic tub.

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