Choosing Vessel Sinks for Stylish Bathrooms

No doubt you’ve seen them in the pages of the better home decor magazines or on the popular televised home makeover shows – lavish bathrooms that may even be larger than your own bedroom; bathrooms graced with spa tubs, multiple showerheads, vessel sinks, towel warmers and other amenities previously seen only in upscale hotels or luxury resorts. What you may not know is that for less than the price of even one night in a luxury hotel you may be able to enjoy some of the same amenities in your own home every day of the week.

Seashell Tempered Glass Vessel Sink

VIGO Mediterranean Seashell Tempered Glass Vessel Sink with Faucet, $281.99

Towel warmers are a great example; they originated in Europe where cold and drafty bathrooms lacked central heat and bathing was a chore. The opportunity to jump from the tub or shower into the embrace of a warm fluffy towel made all the difference – soon towel warmers were found in all of the better homes and fine hotels and they have come to signify the epitome of luxurious living.

Today you can choose from freestanding, countertop and wall-mounted towel warmers in a variety of styles and enjoy both luxury and practicality. Use a towel warmer to dry swimwear and fine washables, warm blankets and baby clothes, make wet mittens and scarves toasty and warm or simply enjoy the pleasure of surrounding yourself in a warm towel.

Mosaic Vessel Sink

Vigo Copper Mosaic Vessel Sink With Faucet, $311.99


Purchase from for $311.99. It's also available at though for a noticeably higher price $374.99.

Modern shower and bath kits are an easy way to improve the bath or shower experience; a handheld showerhead makers it easy to shampoo hair, bathe children, wash pets or water plants. Add a shower bench or seat and relax while showering or enjoying a water massage.


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