A True Feat: Organizing Kids’ Rooms

Parents around the world struggle to get their kids to clean their rooms. Even when parents are successful, kids’ rooms are often a disaster area again soon afterwards. To get to the root of the problem, kids’ organizational skills need to be improved. Here are some easy ways to keep kids’ rooms organized.

A True Feat: The Organized Child’s Room

Include the Kids

As an adult with fully developed organizational skills, you probably feel tempted to declutter things yourself. Unfortunately, this is almost guaranteed to result in your having to repeat the process again soon. Instead, make sure your child understands the system you put into place from the start to ensure that they feel confident helping to maintain it.

Sort Things Out

Most children’s rooms have very little storage, so organization is key to making the most of the space. Separate old clothing from items that are currently being worn. In the summer, stash winter clothes elsewhere. If there are too many toys, establish a repository for ones that are rarely played with. For older kids, closet shelves are a convenient option for storing items in totes.

Make Storage Easy

Kids will find it much easier to keep their rooms clean if they don’t have any problems storing their belongings. For example, younger children will find it easier to utilize art supplies stored in a toy box than to remove and replace ones stored on a bookshelf. In the latter situation, kids will be more likely to simply leave the art supplies on the floor to avoid the struggle of putting them back where they belong. Removal is always easy; replacement is what requires work.

Mark Items Clearly

Kids may find it easy to forget where items should be stored. By printing organizational labels and affixing them to every item in the room, children will get the hang of cleaning much more quickly. For children who can’t yet read, use color coding instead. For example, place stickers of one color on books and also on the shelf where they belong.

Group Toys Separately

Organizing a wide variety of toys in one big location, such as a closet, can be overwhelming to kids. To make things simple you can separate different types of items into smaller containers such as shoeboxes.

Getting kids into this routine will make your job easier and your kids’ futures brighter. Organization is an essential skill in modern society, and it’s never too early to start developing it. When it’s time to organize school and work, your child might just be ahead of the game thanks to your efforts.


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