A Reflection on You…

Your home is a reflection of your personal taste and style; in a well kept home your pride of ownership shows in every room. The bathroom lights and mirror shine, the faucets sparkle and the floors are spotlessly clean; faucets do not drip, drains clear swiftly and the toilet does not hiss or run. The vanity and mirrors are pristine and even if your fixtures are dated, the décor is attractive and functional.

It may seem difficult to achieve this level of cleanliness and order but if you tackle the project one step at a time you’d be surprised how quickly you can whip a home into shape and the bathroom is a great place to begin. Even if the porcelain fixtures are dated you can still transform the look of a mundane bathroom in minutes with new textiles. A modern bathroom rug along with a coordinating shower curtain and set of towels in a complementary color can do wonders to improve a dated bath or powder room.

A Reflection on You

If the vanity or medicine chest is outdated it can easily be refreshed with new drawer knobs or cabinet pulls; even the commode can feature a modern chrome-plated flush handle instead of a dated or chintzy plastic one. New shower curtain hooks can also add a touch of quality to a bathroom without breaking the bank.

A counter top towel warmer or a heated towel rack is one modern addition that can make a big difference in the quality of your bathing experience and it is practical too. Use it to dry fine washables, warm baby clothes and blankets or simply surround yourself in luxury with a hot fluffy towel.


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