7 Easy Bathroom Renovation Ideas on a Budget

Every home owner knows that bathrooms need something of an overhaul every few years. It keeps the bathroom feeling fresh and well maintained. If you are all set to renovate your bathroom this year, but are low in funds, you will be surprised to learn that even small changes in the details can have a huge impact.

Unless your tiles are cracking up or your fixtures don’t function, ditch the idea of a complete renovation and use these wonderful and easy tips below to give your bathroom a new look:

1. Install a bold, artistic mirror

bold, artistic mirror

You will be amazed at the instant transformation a bold mirror can make. Swap your old mirror for a large frame that is artistic and makes a statement. If you already have a large mirror in your bathroom, consider revamping the frame.

2. Cut the clutter

Give your bathroom some space to breathe! Remove clutter from the counter tops and store them away neatly in drawers. Look for interesting baskets, laundry hampers and trays to hold it all neatly. Fill transparent glass jars with soaps, sponges etc. and display them on the counter top.

3. Shower curtain

Changing your bath tub is an expensive proposition. It not only involves the hundreds of dollars you will spend in purchasing a new tub, but also extensive plumbing work in installing it. Instead, perk up your existing bath tub with a beautiful shower curtain. A billowy shower curtain in a bright color will instantly take the attention away from the old bath tub.

Kathy Iven, of Fabric Farms Interiors in Hilliard, Ohio says: “Choose a striking cotton or polyester fabric and get a custom-made shower curtain (about $250 for labor and fabric) and a matching valance (about $100). Keep in mind, indoor-outdoor fabrics are becoming much more stylish and they won’t attract mold or mildew”

4. Change the faucets

Change the faucets

Small details like faucets really do have an impact on the entire look of the bathroom. A quick change can make a huge difference. Swap out your old faucets for gleaming new ones. Choose sleek chrome finish ones if you currently have ornate faucets and vice versa.

5. Bring in a few vintage elements

vintage elements

Add character and personality to your bathroom by bringing in a few vintage elements. They don’t have to be expensive, you may not afford a French country style vanity, but a simple vintage chair can do the trick. Use the chair to place a couple of snugly, fresh towels. Think of other vintage details like large hooks, a wooden bench or even a tree stump to hold your magazines.

6. Open storage

If your bathroom feels cramped and you have been considering remodeling it to make it more spacious, think of easy solutions like open storage. Instead of breaking down and rebuilding the bathroom, take the doors off the vanity in the bathroom. Paint it in a light color and invest in beautiful baskets to hold your supplies. Your bathroom will appear larger in a matter of minutes.

7. Glossy finish paint

A paint job is by far the easiest way to go when you’re on a budget renovation. It’s cheap but highly effective. A single coat of paint can change the look of your entire bathroom and takes very little time or effort. Re-paint the walls in a color that compliments the bathroom. You can also use two colors to make it stand out. Consider using a high gloss finish for some parts of the bathroom. This will add elegance and a touch of luxury.


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