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Overlooked Additions for Your Bath

Planning on remodeling or redecorating your bathroom? Of course, you have thought of the basics, such as which style you want and which paint colors you like. However, some often overlooked additions can make or break your bathroom's look and feel. Items, such as shower curtain hooks and vanities, are key components in your bathroom's...
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Tips for Big Bathroom Alterations

Remodeling your bathroom adds considerable value to your home. Since most bathrooms are relatively small, the changes needed are frequently minimal and inexpensive. Even though a bathroom vanity is likely the most prominent feature in the room, it is possible for you to replace it without hiring a contractor. Bath vanities are available in home...
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Modern Décor: Transforming the Look of an Old Bathroom in Minutes

It can be frustrating to look at home décor magazines and watch home makeover television shows where the bathrooms are all fabulous –the ones with marble topped bath vanities and multiple shower heads, beautiful bath furniture and other lavish appointments. Sometimes it feels like you are stuck with a bathroom that’s mediocre and you can...
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Fashionable Vanities for Bath Décor

Perhaps you have looked at some fancy home décor magazines or browsed through homes for sale and noticed that the bathroom has suddenly gone from a very utilitarian room to something more fashion forward – bath vanities have become more like furniture, surfaces and finishes are more substantial and the amenities are more like something...
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